Regenerative agriculture

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board runs the Regenerative Agriculture Project thanks to funding from the Australian Government's Regional Land Partnerships program.

The five year program will end in June 2023.

The Regenerative Agriculture Project on Eyre Peninsula is increasing awareness, knowledge and adoption of land management practices to restore soil pH levels, increase soil organic carbon levels and reduce the risk of nutrient loss from wind erosion.

The Regenerative Agriculture Project supports farming systems groups and individual farmers to implement best practice management and practice change; and showcase the results to the broader farming community.

The Eyre Peninsula is recognised as having a large area of agricultural land that is subject to acidification; as well as having a significant proportion of soils at moderate to severe risk of wind erosion and soils with low organic carbon. Our Regenerative Agriculture Project focuses on education and support for these issues.

Our project supports a number of grants for local farmers to undertake demonstration sites. Here are some details of just two of these demonstration sites.

site notes from Hodge Farms (Lock area) soil carbon demonstration site.

site notes from Glover farm (Lock / Murdinga / Tooligie Farming Groups) plant based management options demonstration site.

Ways to get involved

Restoring soil pH

Workshops will be held each year in the lower EP and Cleve areas to assist farmers understand and map their paddock pH and develop an action plan to restore pH levels.

Mallee Seeps

Increase landholders understanding of mallee seeps in the landscape and investigate management options.

One-on-one assistance

Provide assistance to land managers with property visits and grant application discussions to address land management issues.


nrmFARM is a free online farm management program for farmers, horticulturalists, and rural property owners. Each year a free workshop is held to assist farmers navigate nrmFarm

Grants and demonstrations

Throughout the life of the project, farmers and farming groups will have the opportunity to apply for grants to implement demonstrations to increase soil carbon, reduce sub soil constraints and reduce wind and water erosion. See below for further information and check in regularly to our grants and funding webpage for all the details.

Grants and workshops

Each year individual farmers, and Agriculture and Farming Systems Groups within the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board’s region are invited to submit applications projects outlined below.

FEBRUARY: Restoring Soil pH free workshops for landholders who would like to restore their soil pH in the most cost effective manner. Landholders will attend two workshops and undertake paddock mapping. Landholders will have a short and long term plan for their property on addressing soil acidity.

JUNE: Applications will open for landholders and farming groups to apply to undertake a Spring/Summer mixed species cropping/pasture program to increase soil health and improve ground cover. Applications will close in mid-August.

SEPTEMBER: Farming groups are invited to submit an expression of interest in implementing paddock based demonstrations to improve soil organic matter and reduce sub-soil constraints. Applications close mid-November

NOVEMBER: Mixed Species Pasture/Cropping Autumn/Winter round will open for farmers and farming groups to apply for funding to undertake mixed species demonstrations to improve ground cover and increase soil health. Applications will close in February.


There are no forums currently scheduled.


There will be opportunities to visit a variety of demonstration sites established across Eyre Peninsula in an effort to increase awareness and knowledge of:

  • reducing sub soil constraints through management of soil carbon; and
  • reducing soil erosion by improving groundcover through plant based options.

If you would like to be kept in the loop about these visits please contact us via email or call us on 8688 3111.


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