Saltmarsh Threat Abatement and Recovery Project (STAR Project)

Work has commenced to deliver the STAR Project thanks to funding from the Australian Government's Regional National Landcare Program in 2019. The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board will deliver the project until 2023 around the Eyre Peninsula and focuses on Temperate Saltmarshes - part of a nationally Threatened Ecological Community, and the Hooded plover - one of Australia’s top 20 threatened fauna species. Priority works include access management, threat abatement, revegetation, weed management, improving hydrological flows and removing marine debris.


Eyre Peninsula’s coastline spans 3,292 kms; with 16 coastal embayment's; one third of SA's intertidal samphire habitats; approx. 23% of the national distribution of Temperate Coastal Saltmarsh and approx. 18% of the national Hooded plover distribution. Recommended actions within the Eyre Peninsula Coastal Action Plan are being used in the prioritise of initial on-ground works sites. These sites are high in conservation value, moderate to high risk and have high visibility to residential citizens and frequent tourists/visitors to the area. The STAR Project deliverables align with the:


We encourage you to get involved in learning about the important saltmarshes of Eyre Peninsula. Grow your knowledge of the habitats and what they provide and help us in understanding and preventing the processes that threaten these amazing landscapes. Over the next four years keep an eye out on our events page for activities that might interest you, such as;

  • Saltmarsh, Hooded plover and migratory shorebird workshops
  • Monitoring migratory shorebirds, Hooded plover population counts (census) and breeding monitoring
  • On-ground threat abatement actions for hooded plovers
  • Over-wintering surveys for non-breeding habitats use by Hooded Plovers
  • On-ground threat abatement projects for saltmarsh including pest plant control, rubbish removal, fencing and access projects
  • Monitoring saltmarsh condition and other vegetation communities
  • Hydrological flow projects with local government.

Coastal Saltmarsh Roadshow on Video

Coastal saltmarshes are a vital part of the Eyre Peninsula’s ecology, they protect our shorelines, act as blue-carbon sinks, and are important fish nursery and bird habitat. Saltmarsh expert Peri Coleman from Delta Environmental Consulting presents this engaging series of talks aimed at community decision makers, coastal ambassadors, teachers, bird groups and interested public.

Eastern Eyre Peninsula

Blue carbon in our saltmarshes (8.09mins)

Saltmarshes and saline wetlands: Learning about them, caring about them (19.44mins)

Southern Eyre Peninsula

Saltmarsh restoration: What have we learnt? (34.19mins)

Connections: Saltmarshes joining the land and the sea (11.37mins)

Tipping point for saltmarshes: Scramble for the high ground (22.54mins)

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