Adapting to a changing climate

This project is now complete.

 What climate change impacts will the Eyre Peninsula experience?

The 5th Assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2013 was a timely reminder that impacts of climate change are quickly approaching. Eyre Peninsula communities are likely to experience a hotter and drier climate, rising sea levels and increasing ocean acidity. These impacts will affect our lifestyle and livelihoods on the Eyre Peninsula, and the way we use natural resources. It’s important that the region is prepared to adapt to these impacts so we and future generations can enjoy a prosperous future.

What’s the region doing to prepare?

To prepare the region for climate change, a regional sector agreement known as The Eyre Peninsula Climate Change Agreement Committee (EPICCA) was established in 2010. The agreement was a partnership between:

  • the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resource Management Board
  • Regional Development Australia -Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula Board
  • Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association
  • the South Australian Government.

In 2014, EPICCA prepared the first Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan. The plan identifies clear options and pathways for key industries on Eyre Peninsula to adapt to climate change. 

The parties to EPICCA continued to build awareness of the importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation until the agreement concluded in June 2018. 

Adapt NRM Grants 

In March 2015 the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board (the board) established an Adapt NRM Grant Program. This initiative provided grant funding of $194,700 to assist local government, regional bodies or industry associations to undertake projects that promote the sustainable management of our natural resources and progress priority adaptation options as outlined in the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Eyre Peninsula.

The project funded included: 

  • Coastal, marine and land biodiversity adaptation to unlock economic development - University of Adelaide
  • Can we help threatened malleefowl survive under changing climate? - Middleback Alliance
  • Improved access to soil moisture building agricultures resilience to climate change – Lower Eyre Agricultural Development Association (LEADA)
  • Cummins Flood Mitigation Strategy – District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula
  • Mortlock Oval Reclaimed Water Irrigation - District Council of Tumby Bay
  • Environmental monitoring to improve understanding of oyster performance - South Australian Oyster Research Council

If you would like further information on these projects, please feel free to contact the organisations directly.

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