Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board works with community, industry, and government agencies to ensure a sustainable approach to the management, protection and restoration of our soil, water, native plants and animals.

There are nine landscape management regions in South Australia, governed by eight landscape boards and a metropolitan board.

Landscape boards consist of seven members, including a chair. All members have been appointed by the Minister, but from 2022 three members will be elected by the community.

The boards work alongside community members and stakeholders to develop simple and accessible five-year regional landscape plans with five priorities. The plans aims to ensure that there is a balance between the needs of regional communities and the sustainable management of the environment.

Other key functions include development of water allocation plans for prescribed water resources, where applicable, and operating as the relevant authority for a range of water, land protection and animal and plant control activities.

Our members

Meet our board members. Read a profile of each of our community based board members. 

EP Landscape Board meetings

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board hold meetings regularly. Members of the community are welcome to attend as observers. If you would like to attend or make a presentation at any of the upcoming meetings, please contact ep.landscapeboard@sa.gov.au

Next meeting:

Meeting #5 of the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board will be held on Tuesday 27 October 2020.

All meetings of the Board are open to the public and members of the community are welcome to attend.

This meeting will be held within social distancing constraints, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Community members wanting to attend the meeting must notify the Board of their intention to attend at least 24 hours before the meeting. To register to attend, please email ep.landscapeboard@sa.gov.au

Upcoming meetings (subject to change):

  • 22 December 2020
  • 23 February 2021
  • 27 April 2021
  • 22 June 2021
  • 24 August 2021

Previous meetings:

Former EP Natural Resources Management Board meetings

As of 1 July 2020, the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board was replaced by the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board. The last meeting of the EP NRM Board was held on 22 June 2020.

The EP NRM Board meeting minutes are available here.

Annual report

Earlier annual and independent audit reports are available here.

Quarterly Reports

Each year the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board enters into a Service Level Agreement with the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) for the delivery of the Board’s programs, plus services provided by business support and the regional management team.

Details of the Board’s programs can be found in the Board’s Business Plan (2019-2022).

These reports provide a quarterly update of regional projects across Eyre Peninsula, including:

  • Program highlights this period
  • Local government engagement for this period
  • Upcoming priorities for the next period

Please contact us if you would like a copy of any reports prior to this year or see this page for the 2019 reports.

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