Cuttlefest 2020

01 June 2020 until 31 August 2020

Whyalla’s Cuttlefest continues to grow with some exciting new features on the table for 2020. Along with guided snorkels from the Stony Point cuttlefish site, there will be host of events, activities, art, information sessions.

For a full program please visit the Whyalla City Council Cuttlefest page.

Book your guided Cuttlefish snorkels with Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries.

Virtual Tour of the Cuttlefish - new in 2020!

If you can’t make it to Stony Point near Whyalla to snorkel or dive with the Giant Australian Cuttlefish, here’s the next best thing!

Take a virtual tour of Stony Point and Black Point and then head through a porthole and take a virtual dive with the Giant Australian Cuttlefish. This interactive and educational virtual tour will let you immerse yourself in the Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park from the comfort of your own home or the classroom.

Dive in and experience nature like nowhere else!

Cuttlefest Citizen Science and School Activities

Cuttlefest celebrates the amazing marine life in our oceans and provides a great opportunity for schools, community groups and citizens to learn more about our local coast and marine environment and to get involved in on-ground conservation projects.

There are lots of ideas here on how Cuttlefest 2020 provides us with an opportunity to learn more about the environment that we live in.

Click the following link for pages of activities and information that stems from Cuttlefest.



Multiple locations in or around Whyalla, South Australia.

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