Farming in hard times - a helpful directory of services

A brief list of helpful starting points for land managers preparing or currently experiencing hard times on the farm.

Support is never far away, the following agencies and groups are available to assist.

  • PIRSA farm support, industry support and decision support services.Please contact Rural Financial services: call 1800 900 090 and/or webpage link here. Includes many helpful mental health service links.
  • Australian Government's FarmHub, access to tools and strategies that support stronger mental health and wellbeing – making you, your family and your business more resilient.
  • FUNDING: Talk with your local Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator today about how the Australian and SA Governments rebates for drought affected farmers who invest in urgently-needed on-farm water infrastructure for livestock apply to your situation - more information here on PIRSA's webpage


Relevant factsheets

  • Case study ‘Stabilising degraded sand hills’ – the Pollock story (Mt Damper district). James was concerned that without a change in management the site would continue to erode and become more difficult to manage. The key outcomes that he was looking to achieve by changing management of this site were to increase surface cover, reduce erosion risk, and increase production.

Seasonal information

More information

  • Regenerative Agriculture Project Officer and Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator
    86 Tasman Tce (ground floor), Port Lincoln | Via post: PO Box 22, Port Lincoln, SA 5606