Sustainable land management

 Grazing – pasture management for soil cover

Don’t let your hungry livestock eat away your precious soil cover pasture. Find tips from local farmers who’ve trialed the paddock rotations and subtly changed the watering points to great effect:

Cropping – summer cover and management options

NEW: 2019-20 seasonal tips and tools

No-till and minimum till cropping techniques are well-established agricultural practices on most of Eyre Peninsula. However, adverse weather conditions, pest control issues (recently snail outbreaks) and resistance weeds still have the potential to undermine significant soil cover progress. At worst, this results in paddock drift and contributes to top soil and nutrient loss. We are working closely with farmers and research agencies to investigate alternative farming techniques and then communicating these findings back to farmers.  

There is no simple fix, and it is often a compromise of time available, weather, rotations, farming systems, machinery available and cost.

GRDC, LEADA and EPARF are currently investigating and demonstrating the effects and management of stubble retention in modern farming systems. 

Herbicide resistance 

Planning to spray your weeds? Spend a valuable second understanding the latest up to date information about herbicide resistance to maximise your dollar and effectiveness:

Pest snail management

Burn your paddocks for snail control at the wrong time and it could be good bye top soil! Decrease the risk by understanding the arsenal of ways to control those pesky snails.

Funding partners

This project is supported by the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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