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Threatened Hooded Plovers take flight
23 June 2020

Local officers and BirdLife trained volunteers were excited to learn that at least 11 Hooded Plover chicks this season have made it to flying age across the Eyre Peninsula region.

Coastal saltmarsh roadshow on video
09 June 2020

A series of engaging talks about protected saltmarsh ecosystems is now available online.

New Officer appointed to the Eastern Eyre Peninsula
03 June 2020

Sarah Voumard has been appointed as a new staff member on the Eastern Eyre Peninsula to support the new Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, while Corey Yeates is taking a break interstate.

Saltmarsh under threat
02 June 2020

Nationally Threatened coastal saltmarsh habitat is slowly being degraded by people with vehicles and machinery such as bobcats modifying the environment to create areas for riding motorbikes in the Whyalla area.

Funding to support mixed species crop demonstrations
26 May 2020

There’s a call out to farmers and farming businesses to establish winter mixed species demonstration sites through the Regenerative Agriculture Program (RAP).

Hooded Plover Winter Surveys
18 May 2020

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula (NREP) staff will begin Hooded Plover Overwintering Surveys this year at six inland locations across the region during non-breeding months and will continue until 2023 as part of the Saltmarsh Threat Abatement and Recovery Project.

Eyre Peninsula deer sightings on the rise
18 May 2020

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula is asking the public to report deer sightings following a recent increase in feral deer activity across Eyre Peninsula.

Drilling Groundwater Monitoring Wells on the Eyre Peninsula
15 May 2020

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) is planning the drilling of 23 new wells to monitor groundwater on the Eyre Peninsula this June and July.

Inaugural Eyre Peninsula Landscape board members appointed
30 April 2020

The inaugural Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board members have been appointed, joining Chair Mark

Milestone decade health checks for EP native vegetation sites
31 March 2020

A small yet dedicated team of Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula staff, National Parks and Wildlife Services SA rangers and volunteers worked together towards the end of last year to benchmark the health of life-giving ecosystems across Eyre Peninsula, with 28 Bushland Condition Monitoring sites revisited for the first time in ten years.