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Online booking and payment for vehicle entry, camping and accommodation within national parks is now available for the following twelve Eyre Peninsula located parks.

Download a summary of this information for yourself or your customers here .

If you have any further question please either contact your local Natural Resource Centre (Ceduna (08) 8625 3144, or Port Lincoln (08) 8688 3111) or email DEWNREPOnlineBookings@sa.gov.au or DEWNROnlineBookings@sa.gov.au.


Catch a fish, go four wheel driving, take in the views, go for a hike along parts of the 100 km of the Investigator Trail or just simply chill out in our national parks. These are just some of the things you can do in our 100 parks on Eyre Peninsula! We are lucky to have some large parks (500,000ha of parks, within EPNRMB regional boundary) set aside for conservation and visitor enjoyment, without the crowds! You get as much space to yourself as you need and lots of places to choose from. View our map of parks and reserves on the Eyre Peninsula.

Lower Eyre Peninsula Parks

Lincoln National Park is situated only 13 kilometres south west from Port Lincoln. The park’s northern coastline overlooks Boston Bay (the largest natural harbour in Australia), while on the southern side massive, wind-sculpted sand dunes and the pounding surf of the Southern Ocean dominates. Boating, fishing, beachcombing, swimming, bird watching and nature walks are all popular activities and can be enjoyed from a variety of designated campgrounds with extensive 2WD access. 

Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area provides refuge for rare flora and fauna, and offers a truly secluded getaway for the lucky few. There is plenty to see and do in Lincoln National Park/Memory Cove. 

Coffin Bay National Park adjoins the Coffin Bay town, 40 kilometres west from Port Lincoln. Experience the diverse land and seascapes of one of the region’s much-loved parks. Enjoy bird watching, fishing bushwalking and canoeing. Experienced 4WDers can explore the park’s remote areas.
Thorny Passage Marine Park borders both Lincoln and Coffin Bay National Parks. Find out more about our marine parks.

The Gawler Ranges

Further inland, the Gawler Ranges National Park contains stunning semi-arid natural landscapes - habitat for rare and threatened plants and animals including the yellow-footed rock-wallaby. Read a recent RAA review of the Gawler Ranges National Park. Further afield stretches Lake Gairdner National Park – a huge salt lake. Both of these parks are managed in partnership with the Gawler Ranges Traditional Owners. Prepare well before visiting these remote parks. 

Far West Parks

Yumbarra and Yellabinna conservation parks (including Wilderness Areas), protect wild areas and rare wildlife. Sparsely-vegetated red sand dunes stretch as far as the eye can see and provide a stark contrast of red sand and bright blue sky. The Googs Track, a popular 4WD route only suitable for those who are well prepared, passes through this spectacular landscape. 

Nullarbor National Park and Wilderness Protection Area stretches from the eastern edge of the Nullarbor Plain to the Western Australia border. The dramatic Bunda Cliffs and seemingly endless flats dominate the landscape.  Three lookouts off the highway reveal spectacular views spanning the Far West Coast Marine Park. In winter you may catch a glimpse of the southern right whales that come to the area to breed. Visit the Head of Bight Whale Centre for a birds-eye view of these enormous whales.

Other Eyre Peninsula Parks

Find out more about our many parks and marine parks:

Parks passes

Entry and camping fees apply to our more popular parks. You may pay fees at the self-registration stations at Lincoln, Coffin Bay and Gawler Ranges National Parks until 31 January 2017. Alternatively, if you are a regular visitor, or are on holidays and plan to spend some time in our parks, perhaps consider purchasing a Parks Pass. You have a choice of different Parks Passes - choose one that suit your needs. As a bonus if you purchase a single Parks Pass for Lincoln National Park the same pass will be valid for Coffin Bay National Park. 

Crown Lands

There are many parcels of Crown Lands across the Eyre Peninsula covering an area of nearly 9,000 square kilometres. These lands range from Conservation Reserves to thin strips of coastal land. Find out more.

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