Visitor safety

Safety first

Visiting Eyre Peninsula’s parks should be an enjoyable and safe experience for you. Parks are beautiful, wild and remote places, but can be dangerous. Before visiting a park, be sure to check for any park closures or fire bans and closures that may affect you. Prepare yourself and your vehicle and while you are in a park watch out for hazards. Remember – your safety is our concern, but your responsibility.

Please note: Visitors to Lincoln, Coffin Bay and Gawler Ranges National Parks should be aware that bees are currently swarming in some areas due to the hot weather, and extra care may be needed.  Food and drinking containers should be kept covered and it is advisable to keep skin covered as much as possible.  Park visitors who have bee allergies should ensure they carry appropriate medication.

Are you an Outdoor Ed Teacher or leader of a school group, a member of a group or an adventurous individual looking to undertake a multi-day longer trip in an Eyre Peninsula Park? Please let us know by filling out and returning a Trip Intention Form.  Parks are busy places, we might need to make you aware of things like local park closures, prescribed burning, hazards, environmentally fragile areas. Have a great experience by being well prepared, let a reliable person know where you're going and start the conservation early with our friendly Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula staff.

Park closures

Some areas within a park may be closed for visitor safety or environmental reasons. Please check for any park closures that may affect you.

Fire safety

Eyre Peninsula’s parks can be very dangerous places to be during a fire and may be closed on days of extreme fire danger. Listen to your local radio station for broadcasts, or call the CFS Hotline on 1300 362 361. Please respect and comply with directions given by a Ranger regarding park closures. Find out more about fire bans and closures that may affect you.

Beach driving

Four wheel driving is allowed on some beaches in our coastal parks. Slow down, take care, be prepared and know what you are doing. Importantly, check the local tide times and plan your travel to avoid high tides where possible. 

Remote area driving

If you plan to visit remote areas on the Eyre Peninsula ensure you and your vehicle are well prepared. Carry enough fuel and water, spares and recovery equipment. Have an emergency plan in case you get in trouble. Remember that mobile phone communications may be limited or non-existent.


Getting away from it all on foot is one of the great experiences to be had in our Eyre Peninsula parks. Choose a walk that is suitable for your experience and fitness level. On offer are short walks ranging to multi day walks. Find out more about the parks in our region.