Building Resilient Agricultural Systems on Kangaroo Island Project

Project summary

This four year project (2019–23) aims to use a holistic, systems approach to improving soil health as the basis for building resilient grazing and cropping systems on the Island. It will demonstrate practices and systems that increase ground cover, improve soil carbon and organic matter, which in turn will improve water infiltration and plant nutrient availability. It will explore and promote new tools and technologies to improve on-farm decision making and practices, building resilience for a changing climate and helping farming systems to adapt to market demands for more sustainably and ethically grown food.

Upcoming events for 2019 / 2020



Grazing Naturally 

with Dick Richardson, 24-25 February 2020


Grazing naturally means changing management events in a case by case constructive way to suit the current situation and desired outcomes. It is a form of landscape management that seeks to develop landscape function and deliver increased production, an improved natural resource base, healthy nutrient cycling, greater biodiversity and enhanced resilience. Grazing naturally meets the challenges of salinity, erosion, more erratic and unreliable rainfall, extreme weather events, and higher farming input costs. A three month trial on the Maia online grazing management tool is included with the course. For more info

The KI NRM Board would like to invite 12 graziers who are very keen to transition to this approach, or who have already started the journey having attended the introductory course in 2018, to participate in the training and mentorship program . 

The Board will cover the cost of the Grazing Planning Workshop and the Advanced Implementation Workshop (about 6 months later). The Board will also subsidise the cost of the Implementation Support Program of your choice (See options here ). Also Included in the program is a 3 month trial of the MAIA Grazing Platform that will be pre-populated with data for your farm and production system when you join the program .

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Above right: Dick Richardson during a field trip in 2018.

 Building Soil Health 

with Nicole Masters of Integrity Soils, 18 - 20 March 2020


Integrity Soils specialise in biological farming systems and their management in New Zealand, Australia and North America. For over 15 years they have been helping, teaching and inspiring farmers, ranchers and the organisations that support and supply them. Their workshops are practical, educational, interactive, and guaranteed to deepen your understanding of regenerative farming practices and how to build and maintain soil health. 

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 All of the courses will be followed up with advanced training 

(where available) and ongoing individual and group mentoring to support the adoption of these practices/systems. Monitoring programs will be set up to demonstrate the progress made and outcomes achieved.

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Please contact Damon Cusack on 8553 4441 or

This project was supported by the Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.


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Tools and Tech Field Day

In conjunction with our partners at AGKI and our sponsors at SeaLink, we will be hosting a Farming Tools and Tech field day in March 2020, click here for further details! 


Past Events


Natural Sequence Farming

with Peter Andrews, 28 August 2019

Peter Andrews visited the Island in late August to chat with producers about the Natural Sequence Farming and its production benefits and to conduct field visits to assess local conditions and challenges. A key aspect of this approach is holding and storing more water and nutrients in the landscape for longer, increase on-farm plant diversity and building farm and landscape resilience. 

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Land to Market Full_circle_solution_graphic_1.jpg

with Brian Marshall and Brian Wehlburg

Land to Market Australia is a program run by the Australian Holistic Management Cooperative Limited. Uniquely this project is being driven by producers and farmers themselves. Member of Land to Market Australia are part of a global network committed to farming practices that measurably regenerate the land.

The Land to Market - field day and workshop - took place on Monday 21st October 2019

Land to Market workshop - what is it about?

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