New biosecurity signage helps protect our borders

With increasing options for getting to Kangaroo Island the KI Natural Resources Management Board has taken steps to work with new ferry company Kangaroo Island Connect to ensure the island’s biosecurity is protected.


In addition to the large biosecurity signage and bins already in place at the Sealink terminal at Cape Jervis, new signage has been installed at up and coming ferry operator Kangaroo Island Connect (KIC)’s loading ramp.

Biosecurity Liaison Officer at Natural Resources Kangaroo Island, Andrew Triggs, says it is important to highlight risks to the island at as many entry points as possible.

“Random biosecurity inspections at Cape Jervis have demonstrated over the years that by undertaking biosecurity awareness about prohibited items we can substantially reduce the number of risk items being brought to the Island, said Mr. Triggs.

“Increased signage at this new loading area will benefit the wider campaign to keep our island free from many pests.

“KIC, joins Sealink, KI Freight, Qantas and other businesses that continue to work closely with us to protect our boarders.”

David Harris, Managing Director of KIC, says that Kangaroo Island Connect are keen to help out where they can.

“KIC is very supportive of the Kangaroo Island biosecurity programs, with an increasing number of passengers travelling with us, it is even more important to publicize the necessary biosecurity restrictions, said Mr. Harris.

“We look forward to helping out with biosecurity wherever we can.”

Jenny Stanton, KI NRM Board Member, welcomed the new signage.

“Biosecurity of this island is everyone’s responsibility, I am very happy to welcome another KI business taking steps to work with us to safeguard the community and environment for future generations.” said Mrs. Stanton.


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