Dry times management

In dry times it is important to make risk management decisions early.

A series of factsheets have been produced by Primary Industries and Regions SA and Department for Environment and Water with the support of MacKillop Farm Management Group and Sheep Connect SA.

A farmer’s health and land go hand in hand
During dry times it is important to take care of your health and look out for others in your community. This flyer lists details of health and financial support services available in the region for South East Rural Communities. Download Flyer

Handy Tools and Tips from Sheep Connect
Sheep connect has compiled a list of very useful websites for managing dry conditions including climate tools, stocking rates, feeding sheep, managing pastures, diseases and much more. 
Click here to see the range of information and tools available.  

Livestock Management

Water Management

Crop and Soil Management

Financial Help

Looking after your Mental Health



More information

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