Pest animals

A number of introduced animals including rabbits, foxes and feral deer have established pest populations in the Limestone Coast. Not only do they pose a threat to native species, they can also impact on the sustainable management of our landscape. The Limestone Coast Landscape Board aims to reduce the numbers of the major pest animals and their impacts on the ecosystem.

Controlling pest animals

Landscape Officers help landholders control pest animals by providing information, advice and integrated control services. We actively work with councils and landholders to ensure pest animals are controlled effectively and in a coordinated manner that is in line with regional priorities.

Services available include:

  • Sale of baits - 1080 rabbit bait, Pindone rabbit bait, 1080 FoxOff fox baits, 1080 Fresh meat fox baits
  • Vertebrate pest bait laying - rabbit bait trailing, laying fox baits 
  • Vertebrate pest bait supply - preparation and sale of baits for declared vertebrate pests 
  • Equipment hire - hire to landholders of baitlayers and live animal traps

If you need assistance with pest animal control, please contact the Landscape Officers in your area or call 08 8735 1177.

Priority species in the Limestone Coast

pest management strategy for the region has been developed. This identifies priority pest animals and their management actions.

Feral deer

Common name: Feral deer
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Feral goat

Common name: Feral goat
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Common name: Fox
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Common name: Rabbit
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Wild dog

Common name: Wild dog
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Alert species in the Limestone Coast

The risk assessment process also identified a number of species that could become established in the region, called alert species.

Cane toad

Common name: Cane toad
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Feral pig

Common name: Feral pig
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House crow

Common name: House crow
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Water buffalo

Common name: Water buffalo
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