Irrigation and water

Water is obviously the major component of irrigation. However, there is more to water than just putting it on your paddocks. There are licensing and regulations around water usage which is why water efficiency and an understanding of water policy is vital for irrigators.

Information specific to Water Allocation Plans can be found in the water section  of the website.

Best Practice Irrigation Management

Water use efficiency

National Program for Sustainable Irrigation: All Publications and Tools (this link will take you to the first of many pages. Scroll to the bottom of the first page to find links to the remaining pages)

Low impact high performance irrigation (Irrigation Australia 2008 Conference Paper)

Irrigation best management practices

Best irrigation management practices for viticulture in the Murray Darling Basin

Working within your Volumetric Groundwater Allocation

DEWNR Volumetric Conversion publications (including climatic zones and Net Irrigation Requirements and how they are calculated)

Irrigator's handbook - working with volumetric allocations

Volumetric Conversion in the South East of South Australia: Calculation of the Delivery Component and Bridging Volume

Annual Water Use Return forms/requirements

For information on Annual Water Use Return forms and requirements surrounding their use, contact Natural Resources South East (Mount Gambier office: 8735 1177)

DEWNR annual ‘water allocation and use’ reports

For information on annual ‘water allocation and use’ reports, contact Natural Resources South East (Mount Gambier office: 8735 1177)

Borehole enquiry system

WaterConnect – borehole enquiry system

Irrigation Adaptive Management

Integrated water resource management in the South East of South Australia

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