Irrigation resources

Below are a series of resources that landholders and irrigators may find beneficial to their enterprises.

Irrigator's handbook - Working with Volumetric Allocations

Irrigation Glove Box Guide

Irrigation Management Planning

Through 2006/07 and 2007/08, the SENRM Board ran a pilot Irrigation Management Planning program to provide regional examples of the benefits of integrated management and planning. The results of this pilot program can be found in the following section.

Innovation Grants Program

As part of its role in working with the regional community, the South East NRM Board has provided grants for individuals and groups to assist in addressing elements of the South East NRM Plan.

The purpose of the Innovation Grants program is to provide funding to initiate projects to improve water use efficiency in the South East NRM Region.

Below is a list of several Innovation Grant reports from previous successful grant projects that contain information and results that irrigators or landholders may find useful.

In order to help increase the levels of water use efficiency within the local surface irrigation sector, the SE NRM Board has previously funded on-ground research within this field. Results from the case studies can be found in the following section.

Automatic Weather Station network

The SE NRM Board has established a network of Automatic Weather Stations in order to provide regional primary producers with locally relevant, up to date meteorological information, including evapotranspiration (ETo) figures and soil temperature data.

Cooperative Research Centre for Irrigation Futures (CRC IF)

The CRC IF website is an archive of the CRC for Irrigation Futures Research, Education and Training activities and outputs over the seven years. The website will continue through to June 2015 but has not been up dated since July 2010.

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