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Working together to improve resilience of native grassland pastures-more than just grass
17 June 2020

A dedicated group of native grassland ecologists are working with landholders to improve the conservation and production value of the threatened iron-grass natural temperate grassland of South Australia.

What’s this cross-eyed croaker making noise about on World Environment Day?
11 June 2020

World Environment Day 2020 is celebrated globally on 5 June and this year’s theme is biodiversity, to encourage awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

Working together under adverse conditions to grow native grass seed
11 June 2020

A group of community members have been working together on a project to improve the iron-grass native grasslands of South Australia, for the past two years.

Great weather for camping in our National Parks
26 May 2020

With the onset of cooler nights and clear skies, it is a good time to go camping and spend time on the river with family and friends. River time is a great way to unwind and enjoy what our parks and reserves have to offer.

Region participates in national experiment
25 May 2020

Malleefowl breeding activity has been monitored by volunteers for decades but citizen scientists have never been busier or more sophisticated in their efforts to conserve this iconic species.

How do you know if providing water to the environment works?
25 May 2020

A question we often get asked is: Can the environment recover from devastating events such as the Millennium Drought? Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin Wetlands Team Leader Darren Willis invites you to consider this imagery that supports the fact that yes, the environment can recover with some well implemented and timed provisions of water, supported by strong, collaborative and committed partnerships.

Region welcomes Alex back
19 May 2020

Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin Murraylands team welcomes back Alex Emmins to the role of District Officer.

Agricultural Knowledge Small Grants now open
05 May 2020

The South Australia Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board NRM Agricultural Knowledge Small grants are now open.

Making lasting memories for a precious mum and plant
05 May 2020

Families can make lasting memories together and be involved in something special and meaningful to celebrate mother’s day on Sunday 10 May, while helping the survival of a nationally threatened plant.

Displaying 1 - 9 of 9 items