Fox Bait Distribution Days

02 September 2020 until 04 September 2020

Landholders in the Northern and Yorke region are encouraged to register for the upcoming 1080 fox bait distribution days.

Foxes are a significant pest and have a large impact on agriculture and the environment through predation and spread of weeds and diseases. These distribution days aim to maximise the positive benefits of fox control through a coordinated approach across our region’s landscape.

Fox baits at a discounted rate will be provided for collection across six sites over three days in September to registered landholders.

To register for this program, please download the Fox Bait Order and Authorisation form.

For more information, contact the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board on 8841 3400 or email ny.landscapeboard@sa.gov.au.



Balaklava Sports Club carpark Wed 2 September 10am
Riverton Oval carpark Wed 2 September  2pm
Crystal Brook Oval carpark
Thurs 3 September
Spalding District Hall
Thurs 3 September
Light Regional Council
Fri 4 September
10am (Location TBA)
Clare Oval Grandstand
Fri 4 September



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