Baiting wild dogs on organic properties

10 November 2020 until 13 November 2020




Many producers with organic certification on their properties are not aware they can bait for wild dogs without compromising their organic status.

It is possible – and this workshop series will help give managers of organic properties in South Australia training and education on how to bait for wild dogs in a manner that suits both the landscape and organic certification. This means all properties in the South Australian sheep zone will be able to meet their legal obligations to destroy wild dogs.

The workshops will provide the know-how for property managers to develop a baiting management plan for their property that meets organic certification requirements. It will also be an opportunity for property managers to build relationships with neighbours, wild dog control advisors, and organic certifying bodies, and encourage a coordinated baiting approach across districts.

Guest speakers will be

  • National Wild Dog Coordinator Greg Mifsud, offering a national perspective
  • State Wild Dog Coordinator Heather Miller, speaking about State policy and legislation
  • SA Arid Lands Wild Dog Coordinator Chris Havelberg who will speak about baiting services and the SAAL Management Plan
  • Melanie Bullers of National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Austrtalia; and  
  • Ben Copeman from Southern Cross Organics. 

All guests will be available to answer questions. 


Workshops will be held at: 

NONNING 10 November. Click here to register

ANNA CREEK 12 November. Click here to register

MUNDOWDNA (MARREE) 13 November. Click here to register

The project is supported by the Far West Dog Fence Boards Association, Department of Primary Industries and Regions, SA Arid Lands Landscape Board, the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, Southern Cross Certified Australian and Livestock SA, through funding from the Australian Government’s Smart Farming Partnerships.

Please be advised that due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 health response, the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board will continue to actively monitor the health directive and recommendations set out by the State Government, and will seek information from official sources to ensure that each of our events are delivered in a safe and responsible manner. 

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