Stewardship trial

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This new one-year stewardship trial project – the first of its kind in South Australia – offers pastoralists a new approach to protecting significant biodiversity while receiving financial payment to offset any loss to pastoral production.

It recognises that pastoralists are among the best placed to manage for conservation with their intimate local knowledge of their land.

This diversification opportunity has been open to all registered holders of a pastoral lease within the SA Arid Lands region who are operating a grazing business.

How does it work?

Dedicated areas would be set aside for conservation to provide long-term protection and management of the identified biodiversity values.

The financial incentive value will be established through consultation and negotiation with you. It will depend on the term of the agreement, infrastructure and maintenance required and the characteristics of the land set aside for conservation. The incentive will represent fair value for any estimated foregone pastoral production and will be paid as a lump sum on signing of a contract. If you receive an incentive payment you will enter into an agreement which will be fixed to the property’s lease for the remaining term of the lease.

As water-point infrastructure will not be permitted in conservation areas, stock grazing will not be possible. Other pastoral activities may be limited, depending on the site’s prior pastoral use, existing infrastructure and the types of biodiversity present.

What types of biodiversity priorities have been sought?

We are interested in any terrestrial or aquatic species, habitats or ecosystems which are considered rare or threatened in the region, particularly those priorities that are not already present in our national parks and reserves. Biodiversity priorities may include endangered animal species and their habitats, unique vegetation communities or aquatic ecosystems such as refuge waterholes or Great Artesian Basin wetlands.

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What is happening with my EOI?

Expressions of interest that have been received, will be reviewed and short-listed through a ‘desktop’ assessment of your site’s biodiversity priorities (as described above) and other site characteristics. If your property is short-listed, the proposed conservation area on your pastoral lease will be evaluated through a field assessment and in consultation with you, after which a second round of short-listing will occur (Stage 2). Successful properties will then move through to Stage 3: Landholder consultation and incentive agreement negotiation and Stage 4: Agreement finalisation and incentive payment.

Contact the Natural Resources Centre on 8648 5300 for more information.

This project is being delivered by Natural Resources SA Arid Lands with assistance from the Native Vegetation Council through a Significant Environmental Benefit Grant.

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